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XOS may report a “Critical” system alarm for “Module Voltage”


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XOS may report a “Critical” system alarm for “Module Voltage”.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, Blue Coat has identified a subset of “Module Voltage” alarms that can be generated erroneously in the XOS versions 9.6.0 and earlier.   These erroneous alarms can be generated against any X-Series module.
An example of the alarm is shown below:
---------------- show alarms active critical -----------------
Active Alarms Summary:
  Source         Critical     Major        Minor
  ------         --------     -----        -----
  ap8               1           0            0         
  np1               0           0            6         
  Total             1           0            6
* indicates an alarm that can be cleared with the 'clear alarms' CLI command
 ID      Date             Source   Description
 --      ----             ------   -----------
 34778   Feb  2 22:20:36  ap8      Module voltage (1.920v) 


Blue Coat has identified that the software responsible for polling embedded sensors that monitor voltages on an X-Series module reports polled voltage values incorrectly, which is causing XOS to generate false positive alarms.


XOS versions 9.0.4, 9.5.6, and 9.6.1 include the fix that corrects this issue in the voltage monitoring functionality.  If you have a system that has experienced a false positive voltage alarm, it is recommended that the affected X-Series platform be upgraded to one of the latest maintenance releases.   
Please note that the voltage monitoring functionality is still in place on the updated XOS versions.  In the event that XOS recognizes that voltage on a module is outside of manufacturing specifications, an actionable alarm is generated.


If a system experiences a module voltage alarm, contact Blue Coat Technical Support to review the system.  If after investigation it is confirmed that the alarm has been generated erroneously, a software patch can potentially be generated that will address the false alarm software issue.