Invalid input detected when running show tech-support command


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Describes reason why the show tech-support command cannot be run and problem is reported, i.e. CPM is in offline mode. Tech-support should be generated from the primary (active) CPM.The show tech-support command might be run only on primary/active CPM.
If it's being run on secondary CPM, i.e. in offline mode error similar to below will be presented.

#show tech-support
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker

Only show tech-crash is available from the list of sub commands starting with letter "t" for command show

# show t?


In order to verify if CPM is in offline mode, below command might be used:

# show cp-redundancy
Administrative State:
 CP1 (other cp) is ELECTION
 CP2 (this cp) is ELECTION
 CP Redundancy is ENABLED

Operational State:
 CP2 (this cp) is OFFLINE
 CP Redundancy is ENABLED

Should the CPM be in secondary mode, no CLI would be available and message informing about this would be presented:

[email protected]'s password:
Last login: Tue Oct  9 15:44:30 2012 from

Could not chdir to home directory /tftpboot/.private/home/admin: No such file or directory
The CLI is not available on the Secondary CP.

The show tech-support should be obtained from primary CPM.