CPM/APM onboard Lithium Batteries


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All X-Series modules contain a battery that must be replaced periodically.

When the battery voltage on a module is low, XOS sets a voltage alarm and lights the FAILED LED on the module front panel. Low battery voltage is also reported during boot test, for example:

INFO - Executing cold self-test.

Initializing CPM2-4S
Total SDRAM Size: 512 MB
CP/AP Temperature Check Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Walking 1's Data Lines Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Walking 0's Data Lines Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Byte Addressing Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Word Addressing Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Walking 1's Address Lines Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Walking 0's Address Lines Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Incrementing Pattern Test ---PASSED
SDRAM Decrementing Pattern Test ---PASSED
Modem Port Internal Loopback Test ---PASSED
Serdes A Internal Loopback Test ---PASSED
Serdes B Internal Loopback Test ---PASSED
Serdes C Internal Loopback Test ---PASSED
Serdes D Internal Loopback Test ---PASSED
ADM1026 Register Walking Ones Test ---PASSED
ADM1026 Register Walking Zeros Test ---PASSED
ADM1026 Register Incrementing Pattern Test ---PASSED
ADM1026 Register Decrementing Pattern Test ---PASSED
ADM1026 Interrupt Test ---PASSED
ADM1026 Voltage Check Test
ERROR: VBAT 3.0 = 0.633
ADM1026 Voltage Check Test ---*** FAILED ***


On board batteries need to be replaced with the same or equivalent type. Batteries used by Crossbeam are common commercial types and need to be purchased separately. Crossbeam does not ship battery replacements.


There are different procedures depending on the module type. For the CPM-8600, CPM-9600, APM-2030, APM-50, APM-8600, APM-8650, and APM-9600 replacements, there is also a required procedure for resetting time and date values and certain other BIOS settings.

Warning: The battery can explode and cause personal injury if installed incorrectly.
Follow the directions carefully.

Caution: Please observe the following precautions for module and battery handling.
  • Take proper antistatic precautions.
  • Replace the battery with the same type or an equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Dispose of the used battery in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.