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Crossbeam log files contain "cbshmonitord: Threshold violation" messages


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Explains the meaning of threshold violation messages on a Platform with a low traffic level.You may occasionally see messages such the following in the log on XOS versions older than 9.6.0:

cbshmonitord[2367]: [N] Threshold violation (prev s=0): module:1, item:2112 (H_ID_ACT_FLOW_COUNT), s=3, no alarm, value=1
cbshmonitord[2367]: [N] Threshold violation is clear: module:1, item:2112 (H_ID_ACT_FLOW_COUNT), no alarm, value: 0

Or the following messages on XOS versions 9.6.0 and newer:
cbshmonitord[4006]: [N] [cb] NPM in slot 1 is now processing minimal levels of traffic (item: H_ID_ACT_FLOW_COUNT, value: 0.78%)

cbshmonitord[4006]: [N] [cb] NPM in slot 1 is processing traffic at normal levels (item: H_ID_ACT_FLOW_COUNT, value: 1.18%)



The values near 1 or 0 indicate that these messages are harmless. The value represents a normalized percentage of all active flows, where the maximum is 255. For a single NPM configuration with a maximum 4 million bi-directional flows this value corresponds to 16,000 flows approximately.  For a dual-NPM configuration this value will double to approximately 32,000.

The event including value=1 appears whenever the active flow count exceeds this threshold. The same event including value=0 is logged whenever the active flow count drops back bellow the threshold. If the active flow count oscillates near the threshold, the event may be logged multiple times.


These messages do not represent an alarm and can be safely ignored. A real XOS alarm would be generated if the percentage of active flows exceeds 80% or higher.