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Flow table resources usage


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This article lists commands used to display flow table utilization statistics and other details.The following alarm may be raised and logged when the NPM flow table usage crosses an alarm threshold:

cbsalarmmond[20016]: [I] NP1 AFT Usage High


Using Crossbeam XOS CLI commands it is possible to better understand the resource usage statistics.

An alarm may be raised due to increased usage, or legitimate traffic but can also be a signal of a DoS or DDoS attack.

When resources usage levels increase on an NPM enough to generate an alarm, the resource usage on an APM might also increase, generating further alarms on the application side.

In addition to checking the details of resource utilization on NPM using the CLI commands below, you should also check application logs to see if any specific or unusual traffic wasn't logged.


The following commands are used to display resource usage statistic details. If you choose to contact Crossbeam Customer Support, the output of the following commands will be requested:

# show resource-statistics verbose
# show resource-statistics flow-table-usage verbose
# show resource-statistics flow-table-limit verbose
# show npm-originated-flow-stats
# show npm-tech