Are there any tradeoffs using CPF Gateways?
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Are there any tradeoffs using CPF Gateways?


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Are there any tradeoffs using CPF Gateways?

In expanding one of our sysplexes from 6 LPARS to 8 we are also changing the master file alignment from 1 non-shared and 2 shared files to 8 non-shared files. Are the trade-offs involved with using the gateway option to reduce the number of CPF connections?



Component: TSSMVS


Using a gateway reduces the amount of inbound and outbound links if you have many systems to connection.

Without the gateway, you need an inbound and outbound connection to each system.

So if you have 7 systems CPFing to each other, each system will have 6 inbound and 6 outbound connection. 7x12 is 84 connections.

If you use a gateway, each machine would have one inbound and one outbound link to the gateway. 2x6 is 12 connections.

Much easier and cleaner when setting up and maintaining the connections.