Proxy ARP does not work with VLAN tagged circuits on Check Point VSX NGX R65


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Proxy ARP does not work with VLAN tagged circuits on Check Point VSX NGX R65When Check Point VSX NGX R65 receives an ARP request on a tagged circuit, it does not consider the VLAN tag and sends the ARP reply untagged.

Network Diagram

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When you experience this problem, you see an incomplete ARP entry on neighbor device. There is no connectivity problem at interface level and correct proxy ARP configuration on VSX , e.g.:

1) ARP entry on neighbor router for a given NATed IP address is incomplete:

Cisco#show ip arp vlan 150
Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface
Internet 0 Incomplete ARPA

2) ARP definition in the file local.arp is set correctly for the IP address and active:
vsx_1 (CBS): [vs0] conf$ fw ctl -vs 1 arp
( at 00-03-d2-e0-09-c9 interface


This issue has been identified as a Check Point problem. The firewall ignores VLAN interfaces when responding to ARP requests. 


Check Point developed a hotifx for this issue. Contact Check Point support and request the hotfix fw1_HOTFIX_ECUADOR2_NO_UF_HF_BASE_141 or newer. You can also reference the SR 11-149793441.  


To workaround this issue, you have 2 choices:
  • Use only untagged circuits with Check Point proxy ARP
  • set the option hide-vlan-header  in Crossbeam configuration for circuits that participate in proxy ARP.
You will have to set the flag  hide-vlan-header option manually for each individual circuit on which the ARP feature from Check Point needs to be used.