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Scheduled dashboard output file is blank for users who were synchronized from CAPC (CABI users with tenant).


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


How to resolve a blank scheduled dashboard file for users who were synchronized from a CAPC/CABI integration.


CAPM 3.5 CABI integration


Steps to reproduce:

1. Configure CABI and CAPC for User Sync
2. on CAPC go to  Inventory - CABI
3. on CABI make sure that you login as User Sync
4. Go to Public - ca - pm - Dashboards
5. Run Scheduled job for CA PM Monitoring status or CA PM Overview Product Usage (output PDF)
6. After job executing run output PDF file



  1. Go to tomcat base directory where CABI Installed.
  2. Navigate  to  webapps\jasper server-pro\WEB-INF to the folder
  3. Search for applicationContext-externalAuth-template-mt.xml file
  4. Open file ,search for “proxyRequestParameterAuthenticationFilter” with in the file.
  5. change the WebUILoginEnabled  property value  from false to true
  6. Restart the tomcat.