Power information for X40-AC/X80-AC (specific to 1200 W power supplies)


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Power information for X40-AC/X80-AC (specific to 1200 W power supplies)N/A


This article provides information about X80-AC-1 and AC-2 power supply options.


The AC chassis can house up to four power supplies. The power supply modules are installed from the front of the chassis, with each assembly supplying a standard AC connection at the rear of the chassis.

Each power supply module has LEDs to indicate power. The PWR GOOD green LED indicates that the DC output level is within the desired range.

Each power supply module is field replaceable.

Power sources for the AC chassis must be 90 to 240 VAC outlets, with grounding and power surge protection.

Ordering the Correct Power Cord

  • All power cord kits must be ordered for the country to which the chassis will be shipped.
  • The Crossbeam price list contains the order numbers for each kit and Crossbeam Manufacturing must approve each kit order.

United States
By default, the power cord shipped with the chassis within the United States is a standard Type B (American 3-pin), one for each power supply ordered. The length of the power cord is 7' 6", Cordage SJT+, 3 Conductor 16 AWG and has a Amp rating of 13.

Calculating Power Requirements
It is important to calculate the total power draw of the chassis depending upon varying hardware configurations. Crossbeam has created the X-Series Power Calculator for reference (to download the file see the link in the References section below).

Power information for the X80-AC-3, which adds support for 2700 W power supplies, is found in KB article 5037.