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Steps for replacing failed CPM HDD in dual CPM environments running cp-redundancy


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Steps are provided to replace HDD, then repair RAID between HDDs and cp-redundancy between CPMsHDD failure is identified and RMA is processed to ship a replacement HDD
Due to cp-redundancy configuration 'cp-action cp# disk-error offline', the operational state of the CPM is offline as a result of the failed HDD.


Follow the steps below to replace HDD, and then repair RAID statusĀ  between HDDs and cp-redundancy between CPMs


Here are the steps for replacing faulty SATA 1 hard disk on cp2:

1. From the primary CPM (cp1), set cp-redundancy administrative state of cp2 as offline:
configure cp-redundancy set cp2 offline

2. Then via the console connection to the offline cpm (cp2), gracefully shut down cp2 using shutdown command (or halt command from unit level).

3. Remove the CPM and replace the Hard drive from SATA 1 slot on the CPM. Please review the HDD replacement guide for your XOS version for more details on HDD swap.

4. Insert the CPM. It will boot as offline.

5. From the unit level of offline cpm, verify the RAID status is synced using the following commands as described in article 4524 attached to the case:
cat /proc/scsi/scsi
cat /proc/mdstat

To repair RAID run '/crossbeam/bin/xos-raid-add' and verify the RAID status using 'cat /proc/mdstat'.

6. Once the RAID is synced, run the following command from the primary cpm to update the cp-redundancy config for cp2 to election. The CPM in slot 14 will reboot and become secondary:
configure cp-redundancy set cp2 election

7. Run 'show cp-redundancy' to verify that the cp-redundancy between the CPMs is 100% synced. It may take a while for the CPMs to sync completely.