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GRUB error messages


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GRUB returns a numerical error message on CPM boot failure. This article provides a short reference of GRUB 0.9 Stage 2 error messages.GRUB returns a numerical error message on CPM boot failure. This article provides a short reference of GRUB 0.9 Stage 2 error messages.


All recent XOS releases (including XOS V10.0) use GRUB 0.91 as the CPM boot loader. The GRUB version 0.9x has been called "GRUB Legacy" since GNU introduced GRUB 2.0.


When troubleshooting CPM disk boot issues, GRUB may report a numerical error message on the CPM console port. The full description of the error should be looked up in the "GRUB Legacy" manual at GNU website (see the URL in the reference section).

The following table lists GRUB 0.9x Stage 2 errors with short description for a quick reference.

Errors reported by the Stage 2:

Error Short description
1 Filename must be either an absolute filename or blocklist
2 Bad file or directory type
3 Bad or corrupt data while decompressing file
4 Bad or incompatible header in compressed file
5 Partition table invalid or corrupt
6 Mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2
7 Loading below 1MB is not supported
8 Kernel must be loaded before booting
9 Unknown boot failure
10 Unsupported Multiboot features requested
11 Unrecognized device string
12 Invalid device requested
13 Invalid or unsupported executable format
14 Filesystem compatibility error, cannot read whole file
15 File not found
16 Inconsistent filesystem structure
17 Cannot mount selected partition
18 Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS
19 Linux kernel must be loaded before initrd
20 Multiboot kernel must be loaded before modules
21 Selected disk does not exist
22 No such partition
23 Error while parsing number
24 Attempt to access block outside partition
25 Disk read error
26 Too many symbolic links
27 Unrecognized command
28 Selected item cannot fit into memory
29 Disk write error
30 Invalid argument
31 File is not sector aligned
32 Must be authenticated
33 Serial device not configured
34 No spare sectors on the disk