How to install updated RSW RPMs?


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Blue Coat has provided RPMs for RSW to fix an issue. What is the correct way to uninstall/install these RPMs?n/a


  • Blue Coat has provided RPMs for RSW to fix an issue. What is the correct way to uninstall/install these RPMs?


To install the updated RSW RPMs, please follow these installation instructions: (To be performed during a maintenance window)

1.   During the scheduled time, please perform the following steps on the backup chassis. Steps in this example are to install the RPMs for XOS 9.6.4.

(The same procedure can be used to install the 8.3.1-3 RPMs for XOS 9.6.5 or later using the RSW-rsw-8.3.1-3.tar file.)

2.  Capture the current XOS configuration from both chassis (show tech-support –file <filename) & export it to a safe location.

3.   Save current OSPF and NSM configuration files: 

CBS# routing-protocol <protocol> vap-group <vap-group-name> save OSPF_MMDDYY

CBS# routing-protocol-services vap-group <vap-group-name> save nsm_MMDDYY

The configuration files are saved to admin's home directory on the CPM. Please save a copy of these files to a safe location.


4.   Remove routing protocols from XOS configuration and uninstall from the VAP group: 

 CBS# configure no routing-protocol ospf vap-group <vap-group-name>

 CBS# routing-protocol ospf vap-group <vap-group-name> uninstall 

 CBS# conf no routing-protocol-services vap-group <vap-group-name>

 CBS#  routing-protocol-services vap-group <vap-group-name>  uninstall


5.   Remove original RSW RPMs from directory /usr/os/rsw/rpm/, e.g. 

 CBS# unix su

 # mkdir /tmp/RSW_OLD

 # mv /usr/os/rsw/rpm/* /tmp/RSW_OLD


6.  Verify MD5 checksum of the new RSW package and copy extracted RSW RPMs to directory /usr/os/rsw/rpm/:

 # cd /tmp

 # md5sum RSW-rsw-#.#.#-#.tar.gz

 # tar xvzf RSW-rsw-#.#.#-#..tar.gz

 # cp RSW/RSW_RPMS/* /usr/os/rsw/rpm/


7.   Install and start NSM on the VAP group: 

 CBS# routing-protocol-services vap-group <vap-group-name>  install 

 CBS# configure routing-protocol-services vap-group <vap-group-name>  start 


 8.   Install and start the routing protocol (OSPF) on the VAP group:

 CBS# routing-protocol <protocol> vap-group <vap-group-name> install 

 CBS# configure routing-protocol <protocol> vap-group <vap-group-name> start 


9.  Restore NSM and OSPF configuration using the configuration files stored in the first step: 

 CBS# routing-protocol-services vap-group <vap-group-name> restore nsm_saved_8_2_0_5.mmddyy 

 CBS# routing-protocol <protocol> vap-group <vap-group-name> restore OSPF_saved_8_2_0_5.mmddyy 


10. Check if the routing protocol and NSM are running with the update RSW version:

 CBS# routing-protocol ospf vap-group <vap-group-name> status

 CBS# routing-protocol-services vap-group <vap-group-name> status

 CBS# show routing-protocol ospf status

11. Check that dynamic routes are seen:

 CBS #routing-protocol ospf vap-group <vap-group-name> configure 

 chassis_hostname_ospfd> enable

 chassis_hostname_ospfd# show ip ospf route


12.   Failover traffic and test

13.   Repeat steps 2-10 on the other chassis