How to debug OSPF LSA events?


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  • Customer wants to debug LSA updates
  • OSPF instability reported due to route(s) being added or deleted


Following are the steps to temporarily enable and monitor via OSPF debug lsa updates and neighbor status changes to gather more information should the event happen again.


  1. #routing-protocol ospf vap-group <vap-group-name> configure
  2. enable
  3. conf t
  4. log file /usr/os/logs/ospfd-debug.log 
  5. no debug ospf        ! clear any old debug settings
  6. debug ospf nfsm (monitor neighbor status changes) 
  7. debug ospf packet ls-update detail (monitor any routing changes that might have caused routes to be deleted/removed) 
  8. exit
  9. show debug ospf    ! verify debug settings
  10. wr mem 


Please keep an eye on the size of the log file to ensure that it does not reach 2GB in size. If it 2GB in size then this can cause problems with OSPF/NSM instability.