Offline updating ICS Protection (ICSP) and ICSP Scanner Station appliances


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This article explains how-to configure ICSP to accept updates via USB storage devices and how to obtain updates from a Windows based computer. This way the ISCP appliance does not need any internet access.ICSP appliance needs to be updated but does not have direct Internet access to pull down the updates.



1.     Download ICSupdater from your ICSP appliance
Log on to the web based user interface (UI). Open the support menu and select Download offline updater. This will download ICSUpdater.exe to your browser’s download folder.
2.     Copy ICSUpdater to a USB stick or HDD with at least 1 GB free space
3.     Run ICSupdater.exe
Enter your License Key
The download path shown below the license key will always be the drive you are running ICSUpdater from. If you need to use a proxy server, select the checkbox "Use a proxy server" and enter the name or IP and Port accordingly, then click update.

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Once the update download is finished you see this screen:
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ICSUpdater.exe has created a folder in the root of the USB stick named norman.dl. and a configuration file named ICSUpdater.ini. ICSUpdater.ini contains all information entered previously.
If you run ICSupdater from your local hard disk, you need to copy the folder norman_dl in the drive’s root to the USB storage device you want to use for updating the ICSP appliance.
4.     Updating the ICSP appliance.
Simply plug the USB stick into one of the appliance’s USB ports. The update process will start automatically after a few seconds, and will take several minutes. During the process you will not be able to scan USB devices.

If the installation of the updates does not start even after waiting a minute, please check if you enabled usb updates in the web UI.
Go to System / Software updates and make sure the check box for "enable usb updates" is set
The offline updater does not support updating the ICSP software itself, only antivirus definition files and the scanner engine will be updated ! 

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Once the process is finished you will have access to ICSP’s normal 3 button user interface.

Important note:

Blue Coat advises that you update your ICSP appliance on a daily basis. Outdated Anti-Virus signatures are a common reason for Malware infections.