How to enable SNMP debug


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How to enable SNMP debug

SNMP timeouts occur and polls fail sometimes


Below are the steps to enable/disable snmpd debug and collect data during a scheduled window: 
Enable snmpd debug, 
1. /etc/init.d/snmpd stop 
2. /usr/sbin/snmpd -LS 5 d -Lf /var/log/snmpd.log -p /var/run/snmpd.PID -a -d -V 
3. tail -f /var/log/snmpd.log ! Check if net-snmp initialized without any errors 
You should see some activity in the /var/log/snmpd.log when the SNMP polling occurs. 
4. Start tcpdump to .pcap file on CPM mgmt interface and sniff filtering only the polling device and/or SNMP traffic only (UDP/161)
5. Observe snmpd CPU utilization with top
6. Please upload the /var/log/snmpd.log from step2, pcap from step 4 and zipped /var/log/messages* to Bluecoat case to analyze the captured data from this session. 
To Disable snmpd debug when done 
1. /etc/init.d/snmpd stop 
2. service snmpd start 
3. ps aux |grep snmpd