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Check Point SIM Affinity on X-Series


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This article details Blue Coat recommendations regarding SIM Affinity on Check Point's Performance Pack.


Blue Coat X-Series design requires disabling Automatic SIM Affinity. This feature can interfere with the default, optimum settings. Using Automatic SIM Affinity may result in degraded performance or other issues.


Blue Coat requires disabling Automatic SIM Affinity on X-Series. This is accomplished by running the command "sim affinity -s" on each APM that is running Performance Pack. Assignments for devices should be as follows:

eth0 : CPU0
eth1:  CPU1

If you have SecureXL configured for a dual processor APM8650, make sure each SDP path has its own core CPU.

If you have CoreXL with R70 configured for a dual processor APM8650 (8 cores) and SecureXL enabled, SecureXL is running on SNDs core 0 and 1 with 6 instances of FW potentially on the remaining CPU cores 2,3,4,5,6,7. In this configuration, y
ou want to ensure the fw workers do not overlap with SNDs assignment, thus, the sim affinity selection should 0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1 for the SDPs.


Once you use sim affinity -s, the configuration will persist through reboots.