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ICSP Scanner Station Bios update for secure administrator password


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You are looking at an article which is applicable to an earlier version of ICSP. The information in this article might be outdated, or invalid. To view the latest information about ICSP, see the ICSP online Help.



Instructions on how to flash the BIOS Firmware of the IEI AFL2-PV-D525 Hardware


The BIOS administrator password option does give access to the BIOS if the password is left blank when logging in



- You need a bootable USB Stick.
- Rufus, a tool to create a Bootable DOS image:
- A USB Keyboard
- The Bios update binary files supplied by Blue Coat support.

Steps to update

1. Use Rufus to create a DOS bootable USB Stick
2. Copy the BIOS update binaries onto the USB Stick
3. Connect a USB Keyboard to the ICSP Scanner Station
4. Connect  the USB stick to the ICSP Scanner Station and reboot it. (Press F2 during POST to get into Bios and change the boot device.
5. Once DOS is booted execute the Go.exe by typing “Go” and pressing Enter.
6. Follow the on screen instructions. The procedure will take several minutes.
7. When the update is finished, remove the USB Stick and reboot the Scanner Station.