How to set date and timezone on MAA


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Provides the steps on how to set the date and time and timezone on the Malware Analysis ApplianceTime, date or timezone is not correct on the MAA.


If you have access to the GUI, it is recommended to change the date, time, or timezone from the System Settings > Date / Time page.  If the option to set the date and timezone does not exist or the GUI is unavailable, you can set the date, time or timezone from the CLI.


In order to set the timezone on the MAA, you need to log in as the G2 user from a terminal/SSH session.

1.  SSH to the MAA using the g2 user:   ssh [email protected]_address
2.  sudo to the root user:   sudo su -
3.  Enter the g2 password
4.  Enter:  dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
5.  Select the correct timezone
6.  To set the date using NTP:  ntpdate -s

If the MAA does not have Internet access, you can set the date and time manually using the 'date' command as follows:

date --set="23 June 1988 10:00:00"


date --set="10:00:00"