The CA Dispatch DSEXAUPT/CADSAUPT utility and 5 character volser numbers


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CA Dispatch Output Mgmt


Volsers that have 5 digit tape numbers are not being updated when executing the DSEXAUPT utility. The utility runs without receiving errors and ends with RC=00 however none of the old 5 digit volsers get updated to the new 6 digit numbers.


We have tried running the utility with both 1 and with 2 blank spaces after the old volsers 5 digit tape number but receive the same results.

How can we get the utility to update the old 5 digit volser numbers to the new 6 digit numbers? 




The format of the control card used by the DSEXARUT utility is as follows:


Column  Length  Description

1-6        6          Current 'Old" VOLSER

7           1           Filler

8-13      6          Desired 'New' VOLSER

14         1           Filler

15-21    8          Desired 'New' UNIT


When coding the OLD volser number in columns 1 through 6 of the control card, "precede" the 5 digit tape number with a "blank space" in column 1.


The utility will not work if the blank space is coded in column 6 of the control card. This is because of the way the database record that will get updated is being stored on the CA Dispatch database.