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End of Service/Support Dates for the API Management Product Suite


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This article links to the official pages for each product's EOS dates, explains what it involves and how it works, and more. 


Eventually every product reaches a point in its version cycle that it is marked as EOS (or "End of Service/Support"). In general, Broadcom/CA supports the current major release of a product plus one release back, subject to change. Approximately 12 months notice is provided with each announcement for EOS.

A product who's version is in an EOS state means that support for it may be delivered as "best effort" with no guaranteed resolution, and Engineering will not be involved nor will they fix any defects found in the EOS version of the product. If the defect can be found in a currently supported version then we can file a defect for it still, however it's fix would only be released for a non-EOS version.

The EOS dates are no longer tracked by Support in this KB article and are instead now officially tracked by the Product Management team with a page dedicated to each product. Below is a list of the official pages for the "Release and Support Lifecycle Dates" for the API Management product suite.

API Gateway and related components: 

API Developer Portal:

Live API Creator:

Additional Information

  • Enterprise Service Manager ("ESM") is linked with the API Gateway
    • For example, when API Gateway 9.4 reaches EOS so will the ESM version that shipped with it.
  • API Gateway XML VPN Client ("XVC") is linked with the API Gateway
    • For example, when API Gateway 9.4 reaches EOS, so will the equivalent version of XVC.
  • If further clarification or specific questions exist with regards to EOS and how it impacts your environment, we would encourage you to reach out to your Broadcom account executive to discuss further.