ProxySG error: Untrusted SSL Server Certificate (ssl_server_untrusted_issuer)


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ProxySG error:  Untrusted SSL Server Certificate (ssl_server_untrusted_issuer)
An intermediate certificate is being used
The intermediate certificate is not in the list of trusted CA Certificates


In order to add the intermediate certificate server, please do the following.

1.)  Using Firefox, go to the problematic site (bypassing the ProxySG for the moment).
2.)  Doubleclick on the padlock image in the bottom right hand corner.
3.)  The certificate info will come up.  Click on the "View Certificate" button, then the "Details" tab and then the "Export" button.  Save the file as a X.509 certificate (PEM) file.
4.)  Open the Management Console.  Go to the Configuration tab > SSL > CA Certificates > CA Certificates tab > Import.
5.)  Open the PEM file that you saved in step three above.  Copy and paste from the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- to the -----END CERTIFICATE-----
6.)  Give it an appropriate name and click on the OK button
7.)  Click on the "CA Certificate List" tab.
8.)  Highlight the "browser-trusted" list and click "Edit".  Highlight the newly created CA Certificate on the left hand column and then click "Add" which should add it to the right hand column.
9.)  Click OK and then Apply.