I am seeing "Cannot establish connection to service drtr_service_xx" in my WebPulse logs. What does it mean?


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This error is appearing on my Secure Gateway appliance.  What does it mean?
Error:  2008-11-25 09:54:47-05:00 EST "Cannot establish connection to service drtr_service_19" 03E0001:1 ../OPP_Worker.cpp:709


This means that the WebPulse ratings service on the ProxySG attempted to connect to one of Blue Coat's servers in the data centers.  In one instance, Blue Coat found the following:

  • The ProxySG had successfully resolved the DNS name to one of the five appropriate IP addresses.
  • There was a firewall, or application, upstream of the ProxySG that was blocking the traffic.

Conclusion: All of the Webpulse Data centers were performing correctly, however this particular ProxySG was unable to connect to one of the five data centers.

A packet capture (PCAP) from the ProxySG or a tracert at the Windows command line should reveal where it is getting stuck. However, it does not mean WebPulse is no longer communicating with ANY service point and thereby NOT performing its function of "Dynamically rating web sites that appear without a category".  You should only declare that all WebPulse functionality is broken when you see all five IP addresses with this error.

NOTE: You can check what they are currently using by using the command DIG or conducting a reverse lookup (nslookup) of sp.cwfservice.net for SGOS 6.5 and webpulse.es.bluecoat.com for SGOS 6.6 / 6.7.

Please see TECH242964 for a list of IP addresses assigned to each of these hosts.