Youtube category filtering is blocking the Blue Coat category as well in SGOS 6.5.x


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


When filtering any URL category in Youtube category list which is common with the Blue Coat category (like Travel), not only the Youtube link will be blocked but all the Travel category as you choose it from the Blue Coat category.

When you click on the Travel category in the Youtube category group, the Travel category on the Blue Coat categories group ticked as well. So, both of the categorization are enabled and disabled at the same time (as sync) which not makes sense. So, it looks like a bug or some coding issue regarding the management console on the 6.5.2.x.


There is a workaround for this problem until the code problem will be resolved by the engineering department. The workaround will be creating a combined destination object containing the youtube Travel category checked AND the Youtube Web application together (don’t forget to put the web application in the AND field as shown in the picture attached), and in the action set the Deny. In that case, the Youtube category will be blocked only when the user access the Youtube video.