Your AntiVirus is causing Decode or Decompression Errors


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Your AntiVirus is causing Decode or Decompression Errors


Troubleshooting Decode or Decompression Errors

When scanning a file for viruses it is possible for the scan engine to return a decompression error. This type of error is at the discretion of the scan engine and ProxyAV has no control over it. You can elect to have these files blocked or passed though unscanned. For either scenario, an Alert can be sent if it is enabled on the Alerts page.

To change the behavior when this error occurs please connect to the ProxyAV management console - Antivirus - Scanning Behavior page.

One vendor may return a decompression error for a harmless .pdf file while another does not. However, to the Antivirus vendors, these errors are not arbitrary. There is something specific about this file that the vendor believes to be an invalid form of compression. They consider it to be a security risk to report a file as clean when it could not be completely scanned.

Note: Panda will not return a Decode/decompress error but may return an Other Error.