Why would the URL categories on a PacketShaper not get hits?


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Problem Description

We enabled the URL category.  And the Packetshaper can create the URL classes under HTTP but these classes are not getting hits.

Reasons for the problem

1. The incorrect domain name resolution.

2.  Packetshaper is unable to classify TCP asymmetric flow properly.  Packetshaper needs to see the traffic in both direction to properly determine the type fo traffic.  In same setup where there are multiple Internet connections or routers, the Packetshaper does not see the traffic in both direction.


1. You can create a IP based class.  The classification is no longer based on flow but packet, so Packetshaper will only look at the IP header of the packet to place it into IP based class.

2. You can use two Packetshaper in direct standby mode so traffic information is copied to standby partner.