Why is the peak-bps going over the physical WAN link size?


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The Peak (bps) for Inbound on the Monitor Traffic screen is going over the physical WAN link size. Why is this happening?


This could be due to a few reasons:

1. Make sure that traffic shaping is ON. If shaping is OFF at some point, then you may see high peak-bps because your LAN can send the packets at very high rate (100 Mbps) to the router and then the router will buffer some packets and send it at the available WAN rate (T1 speed). And PacketShaper will report high peaks.

2. Inbound/Localhost traffic (communication to PacketShaper from the Inside network) has an ignore policy, hence it does not get shaped, nor does PacketShaper enforce the link speed to this traffic. However, this traffic does get reported on the Monitor screen. Communication to PacketShaper from the Inside network is not flowing through the WAN link, is not being shaped, and is using a LAN connection so it can reach a very high speed. Look at the Inbound/Localhost class to find out if this is the case (the peak is caused by the Inbound/Localhost class?).