Why is the PacketShaper browser interface slow?


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The PacketShaper browser interface is slow, even though the traffic load is light, and sometimes graphs time-out before they appear on the screen.


Traffic load is not the only influence on the speed of the PacketWise web browser interface. The number of traffic classes and the way the traffic tree is configured will influence the performance of the browser interface. In addition, PacketWise uses java and the files needed to monitor and manage can be large.

Try adding a partition to the Localhost class and access PacketShaper with a fast PC.

To improve performance of the browser interface on a slow link, you can enable the Browser HTTP Acceleration system variable. When this variable is enabled, HTTP content will get GZIP compression.

If you are getting graph timeout messages, you can adjust Graph Timeout system variable. By adjusting the Graph Timeout length, you can increase the maximum number of seconds a graph can take to generate in the browser interface; if the graph takes longer to generate than this value, a system time-out error message will appear.

To modify system variables, go to the System Variables setup page. See Adjust System Variables in PacketGuide.