Why is the hard disk drive status displaying "status: present (unsupported)" on select ProxySG models?


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SG-9000 SG-900 ProxySG Software - SGOS


Blue Coat appliances with updated hard drive models display "status: present (unsupported)" when an inappropriate version of SGOS is installed.

Background Information

Blue Coat is updating hard disk drives (HDD) for select ProxySG models to new versions of 1TB and 2TB drives.

New 1TB and 2TB HDDs will replace existing 1TB and 2TB drives that are no longer manufactured.

The new HDDs are expected to commence shipping in late January 2014.

Blue Coat will provide like-for-like RMA and Field Replacement Units (FRU) for 9 months from the date of this article.

NOTE: Blue Coat will not retroactively replacing existing HDDs.

To enable full utilization and performance from these new HDDs, updated SGOS software is required.

Without an updated version of SGOS the status of a HDD will show: 
status: present (unsupported)

HDDs running in an unsupported state will function, but will be of limited use.

From the Management Console, you can view the HDD status by navigating to the following screen:


Below is an example of an Eventlog entry:
"Health Monitor (OK): Disk 5 Status is 'present (unsupported)'"

The following are examples of SYSINFO entries:

Disk in slot 4: 2000 GB TOSHIBA  MG03SCA200      , rev:0108 serial:Y2R0A0FZFTP5 status:present (unsupported)
Disk in slot 5: 2000 GB TOSHIBA  MG03SCA200      , rev:0108 serial:Y2R0A0FHFTP5 status:present (unsupported)
Disk in slot 6: 1000 GB SEAGATE  ST1000NM0023    , rev:0003 serial:Z1W00Z4S status:present (unsupported)
Disk in slot 7: 1000 GB SEAGATE  ST1000NM0023    , rev:0003 serial:Z1W00SDW status:present (unsupported)

Affected Systems


 Existing Model HDDs Replacement Model HDDs

Seagate ST10000NM0001

Seagate ST10000NM0023
 Toshiba MK1001TRKBToshiba MG03SCA100
 Seagate ST31000640SS 
 Seagate ST31000424SS 
2TBSeagate ST2000NM0001Seagate ST2000NM0023
 Toshiba MK2001TRKBToshiba MG03SCA200



To enable full utilization and performance from these new HDDs, please ensure you are running one of the updated SGOS versions.

Minimum SGOS versions that support the new 1 & 2TB HDDs