The PacketShaper link size changes on every reboot


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PacketWise v9.x seems to change the iqosInboundLo32Rate and iqosOutboundLo32Rate based on iqosInboundRate and iqosOutboundRate on reboot; this reverts the link size back to the previous rate. This should be fine during the upgrade since v9.x now uses iqosInboundLo32Rate and Hi32Rate opposed to the previous iqosInboundRate.

The automatic Lo32Rate update was designed to properly handle the old configuration during upgrade, the problem we are seeing seems to be the side effect of reverting the link size on reboot.


Here is the recommended workaround for this problem.

  1. Change the link size to the desired setting.
  2. Verify the change in setup show.
  3. Perform setup capture complete.
  4. After the config.cmd is created, issue the following commands:
    config reset
    run config.cmd

This operation will get rid of the iqosInboundRate entry and you will not run into the problem again.

Note: Do not use config save, config reset or config load; these commands will bring back the iqosInboundRate entry and the same problem.

Alternate workarounds are listed below. This example assumes the current link size is 100M.

Option 1:  Run the following commands to update the entry.

ds delete iqosInboundRate
ds delete iqosOutboundRate
ds add iqosInboundRate 100000000
ds add iqosOutboundRate 100000000

Option 2:  Perform factory reset with v9.x loaded to fix the issue.


Note: Once completed, you can power cycle the PacketShaper to confirm that the link size did not revert to its previous value.