Why is my traffic being classified under Default by PacketShaper?


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For example, SAP traffic is being classified in Inbound/Default and Outbound/Default.


Run the commands traffic flow -tupxsfIC inbound/default and traffic flow -tupxsfIC outbound/default, and refer to the Flag column. If you see S or s, the traffic is asymmetric. The flag S indicates that the packet has SYN-ACK but no SYN, while s indicates that the packet has SYN without SYN-ACK. PacketShaper requires a complete TCP handshake for classification.


InAddr           Port OutAddr          Port Idle S Flags ClasI            ClasO             Svc
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   3215      3452 33s X      S /Inbound/Default /Outbound/Default -   3600      3449 36s H O    S /Inbound/Default /Outbound/Default -   3218     49180 52s H O    S /Inbound/Default /Outbound/Default -


To avoid traffic being unclassified, you need to review the deployment and understand the packet path and route.