Why is PacketShaper showing the message "5V Regulator Status Bad" in the Web User Interface and "Bad bat reg" on the front LCD?


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You are encountering the following error messages on your PacketShaper:

  • "5V Regulator Status Bad" on the Web User Interface (WUI)
  • "Bad bat reg"  on the front LCD



See below for details regarding this error:

  • This is a cosmetic warning that has no impact on a running unit.
  • The warning simply indicates that the battery has fallen below a certain voltage. 
  • The battery is used to keep the time current when the unit is power cycled or powered off. 
  • A weakened battery will still keep time, but eventually will need to be replaced as it loses power and dies.
  • A PacketShaper with a dead battery or no battery at all will still boot and function normally, but the time will have to be set every time the PacketShaper is rebooted and/or power cycled.    

Note: A PacketShaper with a dead battery will still have the correct time when rebooted if a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server has been configured and enabled.  Please see the link below for details setup SNTP on your PacketShaper via the Command-Line Interface (CLI):


Please see the link below for details to setup SNTP on your PacketShaper via the WUI: 


If your PacketShaper has a hardware support contract, Symantec can send you a replacement battery for your unit with written instructions for installation.  Please create a service request online or call Technical Support with the following information:

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Phone Number:
Shipping Address:
Note: We do not ship to P.O. Boxes