Why isn't the PacketShaper limiting traffic when the WAN circuit is saturated?


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The WAN edge router is showing full saturation of the WAN circuit, but the PacketShaper is showing only minimal traffic.


Traffic classified into classes with ignore policies is not counted against the total bandwidth usage. If the majority of the traffic is hitting ignore classes, the PacketShaper will not be able to manage bandwidth usage properly. 

It is also possible that traffic is mistakenly being classified into the SameSide class. Check the current host info table to make sure that PacketShaper has assigned hosts to the proper side of the PacketShaper (inside vs. outside). 

An incorrect site router setting can also cause problems with bandwidth management. Once this is set to a router IP address, the PacketShaper will only manage traffic with either the source or destination of the resolved site router MAC. If there are multiple routers or HSRP (and VRRP), then this setting needs to be set to none.