Why do my ProxySG access logs and Reporter reports show a pending status instead of a content rating?


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Why do my access logs and Reporter reports show a pending status instead of a content rating?
Why does my access log show a pending status instead of a site rating?
Why do I see a pending status for certain sites in my Reporter reports?
Why do I see pending and then later see an actual site rating?
The site may have a few pending categories and then later show the actual rating of the site.  Why?


This is working as designed.  The "Pending" category will appear in the ProxySG logs when running DRTR or WebPulse in background mode.  By running in the background, the proxy administrator is essentially telling the ProxySG that they are unwilling to wait for a response from DRTR no matter how quick the response actually is.  As a result, the logging module needs to put something in the logs and as a result "Pending" is logged and the request is sent to DRTR (or WebPulse).  At that point the ProxySG has already moved on, but it is still listening for the response from DRTR.  When the response is received it is cached and subsequent requests to that URL are categorized from the DRTR cache on the proxy.  So when DRTR is configured in background mode, it is expected to see "Pending" the first time you visit any site that is not rated in the database regardless of how good DRTR will be at categorizing the content.

If you do not wish to see pending in the access logs for URLs that are not contained in the BCWF database, please do the following steps:

1.)  Login to the Management Console (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082/ ) on the ProxySG.
2.)  Go to the Configuration tab > Content filtering > Blue Coat > WebPulse tab.  NOTE:  The WebPulse tab may be labeled DRTR for older versions of SGOS.
3.)  In the Dynamic Categorization section, make sure that "Perform dynamic categorization" is checked. 
4.)  If "In the background" is selected, change the configuration to "Immediately"
5.)  Click on the "Apply" button to save your changes.  Going forward the ProxySG will wait for DRTR to return with a rating for any URL that is not located in the BCWF database.