Why do I get an error when trying to downgrade from SGOS versions 6.2.x or higher to 6.1.x or lower?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


SGOS 6.2 introduced an increased object store capacity option for multi-disk appliances. This configuration is incompatible with previous SGOS versions and if this option is enabled when you downgrade, an error message is displayed indicating the incompatibility.

To avoid the error before downgrading, enter the following command in enable mode:

          proxysg# disk decrease-object-limit

After entering the command, the system reinitializes the disks. If successful, a message displays stating that  the disk object limit decrease has been completed. After completion you may proceed with downgrading.


Note that this command was designed to preserve configuration, registry settings, policy, licensing files, and the appliance birth certificate BUT PLEASE BACKUP THE CONFIGURATION IN CASE SETTINGS ARE LOST. However, this command DOES NOT retain cache contents, access logs, event log, or sysinfo snapshots. If the disk already has the decreased object capacity, the disk will not be modified; the command will be aborted.


Apply the # disk decrease-object-limit command if:

  • You upgraded the ProxySG appliance from a previous SGOS version to SGOS 6.2 and you enabled the increase object limit option (# disk increase-object-limit).
  • You have a 6.2 ProxySG appliance and you want to downgrade. The # disk increase-object-limit is enabled by default.

If you upgraded from a previous SGOS version to SGOS 6.2 and did not enable the disk increase-object-limit option, the original object store capacity is retained, which means the above command is not required before downgrading.