Unified Agent shows "Tampering Detected" message


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Web Security Service - WSS


If Unified Agent (UA) detects unauthorized manipulation in its configuration it enters Failure Mode showing the "Tampering Detected" message. The Failure Mode state depends on the portal configuration allowing or denying the traffic. 



"Tampering Detected"


The Tampering Detected message appears under the following conditions. 

  • The administrator manipulated the UA configuration files.
  • A virus or suspicious software manipulated configuration files or the regedit values used by the UA.


Web Security Services

Unified Agent


The UA was specifically designed to prevent users from bypassing the Web Security Service (WSS).

If the UA detects any entries in the Hosts file which relate to the WSS (for example, client.threatpulse.net). It enters into tamper detect mode and the user cannot access the Internet.

This behavior is by design. If you need to disable this feature, you enter your Web Portal

  • Service > Mobility > Unified Agent 
  • Disable Tamper Protection option

Note: This option is for version 4.8 or later