Why doesn't the browser display the entire ProxySG Management Console?


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Asset Management Solution Data Center Security Monitoring Edition ProxySG Software - SGOS


This issue occurs if the browser window size is small. The ProxySG appliance uses Java to show the Management Console in full, but it does not correctly reflect browser window screen size changes and some sections appear cropped. Increase the browser window size to display all of the options in the Management Console. This can also happen if the screen resolution is low.

See the following screenshots of the Management Console in different browser window sizes.

Full size:


Resized (small):


If you notice this issue after upgrading to SGOS 6.5.x, it is due to the banner's height difference between older versions and SGOS 6.5. In 6.5, the height of the banner is greater. See the following screenshot.

SGOS 6.5.x Web Console


To resolve this issue, resize the browser or adjust resolution to fit the full Management Console.