Why does it say "measurement engine is not ready" when I try to create a report?


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I see the "measurement engine is not ready" message when:

* Clicking the report tab. 
* Clicking the create report button.

The measurement engine collects the measurement data for building reports.

The measurement engine not being ready can be caused by several things.


Possible reasons for getting the "measurement engine is not ready" message:

1) The measurement engine or the Packeteer unit has just been reset or restarted, using the measure reset or the reset command.

It takes a few minutes for the measurement engine to restart after a reset.

You can verify with the CLI command measure show:
PacketShaper# measure show

Measurement engine is starting

link day                Interval:1m   Samples:             /      20160
link month            Interval:1h    Samples:             /        8928
partition day         Interval:1m   Samples:             /    368640
partition month     Interval:1h    Samples:             /    190464
class day            Interval:1m   Samples:             /    737280
class month        Interval:1h    Samples:             /    380928

2) The measurement engine files on the hard disk might be corrupt.

You can verify this with the CLI command sys verify hard. If the hard disk is corrupted, the output of this command will indicate any errors that are found.  Use the command sys clean hard to address measurement engine issues.

3) Your hard disk might be defective. In this case, the unit should be replaced. Please check the support contract for this unit.