Why do Adobe Connect sessions restart after a few seconds through explicit proxy?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Blue Coat's Support and Development teams have investigated a reported issue with Adobe Connect (Flash) clients prematurely closing and restarting streaming sessions over SSL. However, if SSL interception is enabled on the ProxySG, the issue does not occur.

After extensive investigation, Blue Coat has found that this issue is not specific to using the ProxySG but it will happen whenever the Adobe client is set to use an explicit proxy of any kind and SSL/HTTPS interception is not enabled. For example: The Adobe client will behave in this unexpected manner when explicitly configured to use a Microsoft Forefront (ISA) proxy. 


Recommendation: As a workaround to the Adobe client behavior, Blue Coat recommends to configure SSL interception of such content, bypass explicit proxy settings, or transparently intercept the traffic with the ProxySG. 

Note: This issue has not been found to occur in transparent proxy mode.