Why can’t I access the PacketShaper/AppVantage via the console port?


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Problem accessing the packetshaper via the serial port


Packeteer supplied a cable to connect the PacketShaper/AppVantage unit to a PC. If you can't locate this cable, use a standard 9-pin RS-232 null-modem cable. This cable should connect between the unit's console port and the PC's serial port.

In order to access the PacketWise command-line interface from the console port, you must configure your modem communication program to the following settings:

Speed: 9600 bps 
Data bits: 8 
Stop bits: 1 
Parity: None 
COM port: the serial port on your PC that the null-modem cable is connected to (for example, COM 1 or COM 2)

If your communications program supports several flow control protocols, select hardware flow control.