Troubleshooting issues with downloading PacketWise software


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This KB only applies when downloading images directly from the Symantec Download website.

For example, the load new image button in the browser interface doesn't work



Here are the most common causes for upgrade problems when trying to download the image from the Symantec servers:

  • The PacketShaper does not have a valid support contract.
  • The PacketShaper interface closest to the image location or DNS server is set to secure. You can fix this by temporarily setting interface to list or Unsecure until the upgrade is complete. For information on how to change the unit's security settings, see Specify Security Settings in PacketGuide.
  • The PacketShaper default gateway is set incorrectly. If the unit does not have a correct default route for connecting to the image source FTP server, the automatic upgrade process will not work.
  • PacketShaper is behind a restrictive firewall. Firewalls that block FTP will cause the upgrade to fail. You can fix this by punching an "FTP allow" hole through the firewall for the duration of the upgrade. Alternatively, you can download the image from the Blue Coat support we site using a computer that is not behind a firewall. For instructions, see Upgrade Using the Symantec Support Web Site in PacketGuide.

For more information about upgrading, see Upgrade the PacketWise Software Image in PacketGuide.