Why can’t IntelligenceCenter and DataCollector communicate?


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The connection between IntelligenceCenter (IC) and DataCollector (DC) is established when you add DC to the IC topology based on the IP addresses on each system at that time. There are several factors that determine whether IC and DC can communicate.


If your IC and DC are unable to communicate check the following:

  • Verify that the PostgreSQL Database Server 8.2 service is running on both systems.
  • Verify that the PacketeerIntelligenceCenter service is running on the IC server.
  • Verify that the PacketeerDataCollector and PacketeerCollectorAgent services are running on the DC server.
  • Verify that the IC and DC can reach each other, using ping.
  • If you installed IC and DC on separate servers, make sure that the IP addresses on the servers have not changed since you added DC to the IC topology (you should be using static IP addresses on both systems). The IP address you configured for DC is displayed on the General tab of the DC’s device entry in the IC topology. If the IP addresses have changed, you will have to remove DC from the topology and readd it in order to reestablish communication. Keep in mind that if you remove DC from the topology, you will lose all configuration settings. In addition, if you change the DC address after deployment, any PacketShaper and/or iShaper appliances that you have configured to emit FDR to it will also have to be reconfigured.