Why aren’t the classes in the traffic tree sorted alphabetically?


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I have a tree made up of many different autodiscovered services/protocols. Why aren’t the classes sorted alphabetically?


Classes in the traffic tree are sorted from most-specific criteria to less-specific. Along that vein, the autodiscovered classes are sorted into the following categories:

1. Applications/services with TCP or UDP-based matching rules

2. Applications/services with IP-based matching rules (applications/service considered both TCP and UDP)

3. Discovered_Ports classes

4. Non-IP protocol classes (for example, AppleTalk, IPX, Protocol_XXX)

Within each category, classes are arranged in alphabetical order.

How are the classes sorted relative to each other in a tree that has, at the same hierarchical level, IP address-based classes, application classes, Frame Relay FRAD folders and PVC classes, MPLS classes, and VLAN classes?

Here is the sort order:

1. Frame Relay FRAD folder and PVC classes

2. VLAN classes

3. MPLS classes

4. IP address-based classes

5. Application classes, following the sort order explained in the question above on how autodiscovered classes are sorted.