Why are some categories not listed as a possible Filter option, In Reporter?


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The Reporter software does not start with a pre-defined list of categories, but   builds this list up  as it processes each access log.   If none of your access logs have shown a category, it will not show in the drop down list as a category to filter on.  In other words, some less uses categories, may never show in this list, because no one from your organization has visited a website with such a category.

To access your list, follow these steps:

  • Login to Reporter with your user id.
  • Load your chosen database.
  • Run any Reporter.
  • Click on "Report Options"/
  • Use 'Add criteria' to add in the category filter.
  • On the right, click on the drop down, to see the list your Reporter server has.

 Here is the list of categories from a single access log:



NOTE1: For more information on other filter fields like this, see 000015028  and 000016394

NOTE2: For a complete list of categories that Bluecoat Webfilter has, see BCWF.