Why are both interfaces going down after I load a config.ldi file from another PacketShaper?


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I tried loading a config.ldi file from another PacketShaper, and both interfaces went down afterwards.

I've tried loading the file with both the config load and class load commands.


Check if Link State Mirroring is enabled on the Packeteer unit that the configuration came from:

1. Open the System Variables setup page.
2. Locate the Link State Mirroring option. (It's the last variable, at the bottom of the page.)

When Link State Mirroring is enabled, the second port of a NIC pair will be brought down if the first port goes down. Therefore, if you only have one of the interfaces connected when loading the configuration on the other Packeteer unit, link state mirroring will kick in and both interfaces will go down.

The solution here is to disable Link State Mirroring or make sure both interfaces of the Packeteer unit are connected when loading the configuration.