Why am I unable to receive syslog message from PacketShaper?


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Once you have configured the syslog server for PacketShaper, you are required to enable the services.

# set syslog add host: output:local4,4 port:514 datetime
Usage: setup syslog add host:<ipaddress> [output:<facility>,<level>] [port:<portnum>] [datetime]

#setup syslog state on

PacketShaper will send the following types of messages to the syslog server when set to warn level:

1. Login failed
2. Hard drive status
3. Measurement Engine status
4. Direct standby status
5. Plug-in status

If you set the level to 3 or lower, you will not receive any syslog messages.

Here is an example syslog message when a user logs in with an incorrect password:

Wed Nov 21 11:0242 2012 IST (Calcutta) SYSW-4-LOG_WARN: -login failed