Which interface IP is used to register a ProxySG Appliance to Director from the SG Management Console when there are two interface IPs configured?


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Director ProxySG Software - SGOS


This Director registration function is under ProxySG Management Console -> Maintenance -> Director Registration.

The ProxySG uses the main Management IP when it tries to register itself to the Director from the management console.

To view which main Management IP the ProxySG is using, go to:

Management Console -> Configuration -> General -> Identification -> IP Address

The IP address listed above is used when registering the ProxySG to the Director itself.

This Management IP address is automatically selected and can't be changed.  It will always be the IP address assigned to 0:0 interface, if 0:0 interface
doesn't have an IP address, it will use the 0:1 or the nearest interface which has an IP address.

If 0:1 has an IP address and 0:0 doesn't have an IP address, it will show the 0:1 IP address and use this IP address to connect to the Director.