Which ProxySG models have hot-swappable disks?


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Some ProxySG models are equipped with hot-swappable hard disk drives.


The following table shows which ProxySG models support hot-swappable hard disk drives.

ProxySG Model Drive hot-swappable?
200 No
210 No
400 No
510 No
300 No
600 No
800 Yes
810 Yes
900 Yes
8000 Yes
8100 Yes
9000 Yes
S200 No
S400 Yes
S500 Yes

Hard disk drives can be hot·swapped by following the instructions below:

  1. Take the required disk OFFLINE before removing via the following Line Interface command:
    #disk offline <disk number>
    Note: If the disk in question is showing Status Failing, State Warning or similar, the Command Line Interface (CLI) may give an error message when attempting to take the disk offline. At this point, the disk CAN still be physically removed from the slot.
  2. Physically remove the disk from the slot.
  3. Physically insert the new disk into that drive. Upon connection the new disk will be initialized and the config (etc etc) will be copied across to the new disk and it will be ready for use at this point. NO commands are need to put the disk back online.

If the disk is still showing as having an error, it's possible the hardware issue is not with the disk but with the physical device itself. Please contact Symantec Technical Support to have this investigated.