Where do I install PacketShaper in a multi-location network?


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Packeteer units generally sit behind WAN-link routers and/or Internet-link routers at main sites and branch offices. Each unit must be positioned so that it sees all the traffic you want to monitor or manage.


Branch Office Deployment

To monitor and control application performance at each branch office, you place a Packeteer unit at the edge of your network, at the WAN/Internet link.

Main Site Deployment

When you have a main site WAN link that connects the main site to branch offices across a private corporate WAN, you connect the Packeteer unit to the WAN router.When you have a main site Internet link that connects the main site to branches across VPN and/or is simply a link to the Web, you connect the unit to the Internet link router.A main-site PacketShaper deployment is appropriate in hub-and-spoke topologies where the Packeteer unit sees all the traffic.

Comprehensive Deployment (Main Site and Branch Offices)

A comprehensive deployment includes Packeteer units at the main site and at each branch office. This strategy monitors and controls all application performance at all offices regardless of network size or topology.

See Four Steps to Application Performance for more information about deployment in multiple locations.