Find the serial number for my Symantec Director


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  • Where do I find the serial number for my Symantec Director?
  • What is my Director serial number so I can call Symantec Technical Support?


There are two different ways to view the serial number for a Director appliance.  First, you can SSH or console into the Director appliance.  The second way is to physically view look for or view the serial number.

Viewing the serial number when connected to Director via SSH

  1. Use a terminal emulator to connect to Director via SSH.
  2. Once logged in, run the "sh ver" command (without quotes).  The serial number shows up as in the examples below.
  3. Some older appliances, such as the Director 800, do not show the serial number using the "show version" command below.

Here are some examples of output you may see:

  Copyright (c) 1997-2008, Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

  Welcome to SG-ME

director > sh ver
System version:

Build date: 2008/11/21 14:04:34
Build number: 36870
Platform type: 800
Build version: #36870 2008.11.21-140434
Serial number: <not available>
director >


  Copyright (c) 1997-2009, BlueCoat Systems, Inc.

  Welcome to SG-ME #38189 2009.03.16-092918

director50 > sh ver
System version:

Build date: 2009/03/16 09:29:18
Build number: 38189
Platform type: 510
Build version: #38189 2009.03.16-092918
Serial number: xxxxxxxxxx
director >

Physically viewing the serial number

  • Facing the rear of the unit, you will see the serial number towards the right side near the location where an option card can be installed. 
    • The serial number will be either above or below this slot.