Updates and support URL for ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


  • Here is the list of URLs that the Symantec ProxySG will use to send/retrieve data from Symantec.
  • You will need to resolve the IP if you need it as it can be different depending on your location.
  • What URL does the ProxySG contact for updates and support?


  • list.bluecoat.com (BCWF)
  • support.symantec.com (SGOS upgrades)
  • upload.bluecoat.com (Sending support information)
  • sp.cwfservice.net (DRTR rating servers for SGOS 6.5)
  • webpulse.es.bluecoat.com (DRTR rating servers for SGOS 6.6)
  • av-download.bluecoat.com (ProxyAV update servers)
  • hb.bluecoat.com (sending heartbeat information back to Blue Coat)
  • abrca.bluecoat.com (Used to retrieve the "birth-certificate")
  • subscription.es.bluecoat.com (Application Protection, CachePulse & Geolocation)